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It is all about Best Lawyers & Law Firm. INU Corporate®, founded in 1996, is one of the largest distinctive global law firm providing superior legal services to domestic and international clients in broad array of areas enlisted in the succeeding pages. We’re the network of full service law firms in Pakistan, having distinguishable stance and stature of law practice in Pakistan and Asia Pacific, offering our legal services in multiple avenues through the PraeLegal global network.

This excelling law firm is a conglomerate of over 40 offices situated in major cities of Pakistan including the hillock capital city of Islamabad to the hub of industrial marketplace of Karachi and further extending its frontiers to the historically and culturally rich city of Lahore.

Thus this rigorous partnership has 100% coverage as far territorial bounds of Pakistan and in the recent years it has virtually molded itself to an international full-services law firm through close interplay of alliances with many leading law firms across the globe. Now INU Corporate® has strong presence for serving its thriving clientele in virtually the broadest range of disciplines in five continents and more than 50 countries worldwide.

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At INU Corporate®, we have been at the forefront of managing dispensation of quality legal services on a global basis for more than two decades now. Our team of expert attorneys, solicitors and professional consultants very well understand what it takes to meet client expectations for excellent work and responsive services across different countries and variety of legal systems. Our law firm is an enterprise of outstanding capabilities, unmatched enthusiasms, keen intellects, unyielding integrity and an extraordinary desire to understand and serve clients.

About ~ Umair A R Mughal

Hello! Are you in trouble with your Bookkeeping/ Accounting? Do you need a quick turnaround? Do you want an expert hand? Problem with paying vendors? Stuck with slow growth in business? Messed up with cashflow?

If “YES”, let’s discuss first!

I’m a professional accountant with 7 years of experience in handling accounting/ bookkeeping for hundreds of businesses around the globe. I have a great entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems in the language of your business. I have strong capabilities to handle Payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, performance analysis, financial management, financial reporting, sales taxes, and internal audit.

I own and run a Bookkeeping agency named “INU Corporate” where 20 professional bookkeepers work under my direct supervision to satisfy the client’s requirements and meet deadlines.

Key Industry I worked: During the tenure of my engagement with different companies in my career, I have worked for different business categories including but not limited to the following.

1) E-payment processing company

2) Real Estates & Property Management

3) Manufacturing & wholesale

4) Retail Industries

5) Service Industries (Landscaping, Design firm, etc)

6) Transportation & Shipping

7) Trading Companies

8) Microfinance companies

9) Marketing Companies/ Marketing Agency

10) E-commerce (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba & Shopify)

11) CPA Firms

12) Business Advisory

and many more…..

Accounting software expertise I have:

QBD, QBO, XERO, SAP, Oracle, YARDI, Zoho, Excel, and many accounting software alike.

Tools and Technology I use:

Asana, Adobe, Trello, Hubspot, Dropbox, Gdrive, Receiptbank, Gsuite, Godaddy, Amazonworkspace, RDC, Amazonworkdoc, and much more uncountable…

Here is my strategy and it’s very simple…

a) Talk to me via Upwork

b) I will explain what things are needed to get started.

c) Weekly required hours can be determined through discussion to reach mutual consent.

d) Review and Discussion on the job in progress

e) Submission of Reporting requirements.

f) Follow up & Status Call.

So whether you’re on the start-up stage of your business or if your business is increasing fast to achieve your business goals and/ want to save you time for managing & focusing on your other business stuff, please feel free to message me and/ or…


I usually respond to every client that gets in touch with me but if we seem to be a good fit then I’ll definitely knock you back.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Our mission is to offer our clients first-class value-added professional assistance, combined with an in-depth understanding of the particular areas of the business. Our focus is on delivering results, our commitment to excellence, creative thinking, systematic innovation, and acting globally to enhance value to businesses and corporations. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client.


Our primary ideology involves a deep respect for the individual and client, a dedication to affordable service, trust and reliability. As a Cypriot law firm, we integrate our core values in the way we conduct our business and serve our clients. Our services are defined by Ethos, Integrity, Confidentiality, Trust and Credibility. Putting our clients first is a simple philosophy, but it is one that flows throughout every part of our business and underpins everything we do.


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We are a team of bright, highly motivated, dedicated lawyers who have a compassion for life, justice and client service. We value the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of our democratic society. Our team will be self-starting, exercising initiative in accomplishing our goals, acting on situations and opportunities, rather than be acted upon. We build a nurture lasting relationships, both within the Firm and with our clients and our team is viewed as being professional, aggressive, and compassionate.
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